Attracmount (NOW IN STOCK) – Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Wheelchairs

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Magnetic Phone & Keys Mount designed specifically for Wheelchairs

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Attracmount is the first and best Magnetic Cell Phone and Key mount designed especially for wheelchairs!

Attracmount has been designed with the wheelchair user in mind. There are a lot of cell phone mounts for wheelchairs on the market now, as there are a lot of magnetic cell phone mounts for use in cars, but nothing that is a great blend of both! Attracmount takes out all of the negatives of the current wheelchair cell phone holders and combines the durability and convenience of magnetic holders to securely attach your cell phones and keys to your wheelchair.

It is our goal to create a beautiful, durable, and functional mount that fits your wheelchair. We use the best materials we can find to manufacture our mounts and make them high quality enough to fit your active lifestyle. The best part is that the whole setup is only 2 pieces, it literally takes seconds to install onto your chair!

List of Materials:

Mount: Made with PC-ABS plastic. PC-ABS is a high-impact engineering thermoplastic ideal for functional manufacturing. PC and ABS are combined materials that when mixed gives the Attracmount body the heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS.

Strap: The strap is made from high-grade silicone, giving the strap the flexibility and anti-wear-and-tear factor (see video) needed in a functional product. This no-slip material will contour to your wheelchair bar or arm and securely absorb the shaking from your chair so your phone and keys remain stable and safe as you move about.

Magnet: We use 4 Grade N52 Rare Earth Magnets as the base for Attracmount. These are the strongest grade magnets available and will have such a secure connection that your phone and keys will stay firmly attached to Attracmount and your chair even on the bumpiest of surfaces.

When you order: What Comes with the Attracmount?

Each order of the Attracmount comes with:

Mount with magnet
2 different sized straps (to fit all different sizes of wheelchairs)
2 metal plates (1 Phone plate, 1 keychain plate)

Not Just For Wheelchairs!
Even though Attracmount was primarily designed to fit the bars of a wheelchair, realistically it can fit on anything with a bar! We have tested this product on:

Bike Handlebars
Golf Carts

2 reviews for Attracmount (NOW IN STOCK) – Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Wheelchairs

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thank you for your hard work on Attracmount, it has made things easier already. It works for both flip and smartphone, a smartphone is the current phone I’m using it with. I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped my phone in a day and that hasn’t happened since receiving Attracmount. I have a bulletproof or drop resistant case so I stuck the plate on the outside of my case. I use Bluetooth and to keep from dropping my phone I would put it down but then find myself out of range, my headset saying “disconnected” I was then searching for my phone. That is over with, I search just out of habit to find my phone securely attached to my Attracmount in eyesight and arms reach. Having my phone on the Attracmount makes the use of Bluetooth so much more sense when my headset vibrates I glance at the phone to see who it is and decide what to do. It even works for me in the car, my chair in the passenger seat just to the right of me within eyesight and easy reach. I found it holds strong enough I can transfer my chair in and out without fear of losing my phone in the process. Drawbacks? Can’t think of a one, I think it was money well spent and would make the Attracmount investment again.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily Robbins (verified owner)

    I use this on my children’s strollers to hold my phone while we’re out for walks. It allows me to easily see my phone in case someone calls. The magnet is very strong, so my phone stays put even if I’m using my all terrain stroller over rough trails.

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