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A new company, Handizap, was recently launched by Josh Smith, a quadriplegic, to provide products that help others with similar disabilities. 
The first product to be offered by Handizap is the Sixth Digit, an adjustable ring stylus invented by Mr. Smith.
Richmond, VA – (date) – Josh Smith, CEO and founder of Handizap, is a 2013 VA Tech graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering. Mr. Smith was injured in a diving accident in August 2014 leaving him a C-6 quadriplegic. While in inpatient rehabilitation he developed his first prototype of an adjustable ring stylus to be able to type on a keyboard and push buttons. Since returning home to Richmond in January 2015, he founded his new company and began the processing of manufacturing his ring stylus product, aptly named the Sixth Digit.
The idea of the Sixth Digit was formed after Mr. Smith became frustrated with the adaptive technology (voice recognition software and wraparound stylus) he was given in rehab to be able to type on a keyboard and use his cellphone. Since his job as a manager/ project estimator requires him to be able to use a computer, he began to think of an easier way to perform his job duties. By using a Ring Pop with an eraser head on the tip, he developed his first prototype of the Sixth Digit.
Mr. Smith formed his business Handizap to market the Sixth Digit and other inventions that he is in the process of developing. He wants to be able to provide useful and affordable products to those who are disabled. “Having experienced a catastrophic and life changing event, I want to now help others who have gone through similar experiences.” said Mr. Smith. “I hope that Handizap will not only meet but exceed the expectations of its customers.”
Contact: Josh Smith, CEO & Founder
Company Name: Handizap
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